Friday, November 14, 2008

One Slight Change

Ooops. Here’s the final final version of both the front and the full cover. LOL!

In conferring with Marisa, who is designing the interior for Wind of the Spirit, I was persuaded that the treatment on the title wasn’t going to print well. She felt the fine details would likely bleed together with the background. And I’d also been thinking that it wasn’t going to show up well at a distance, like on a book table or bookshelf.

We decided to go with a simpler title treatment to head off issues, and this is what Dineen ended up with. It does retain some subtleties, which I like. And the sun symbol in the “of” is repeated in the interior on the chapter opening pages and in the running heads of the chapters set among the Shawnee, which is totally cool. So I’m pretty happy with the new version.

Now … no more changes, I swear!!

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