Saturday, February 7, 2009

Definitely a Go!

Earlier this week, my account rep at Christian Book Distributors e-mailed to ask me for a detailed 60-90 word summary for Wind of the Spirit. Hmmm . . . they wouldn’t be asking for that unless WOTS was definitely on track to be featured in their summer fiction catalog! Needless to say, I’m thrilled!

Just as exciting, Joy DeKok, our marketing and promotions expert at Sheaf House, is working on an ad campaign for our spring list, and WOTS will be featured in a full-page Sheaf House ad on the back cover of Home School Digest’s spring issue. It includes the covers of the first 2 volumes and a blurb about the American Patriot Series directed toward homeschooling parents and students. This is a giant step toward accessing a market we’ve been wanting to reach.

And wait until you see the postcards Dineen Miller is designing for me! They’re gorgeous! I can’t wait to send them out to libraries and bookstores and tuck them into copies of WOTS I sell personally so they can be handed on to others. Dineen is attempting to shoehorn the text I sent her into the available space—I ended up trimming it down again, and hopefully this time it’ll fit. Not that I tend to be wordy or anything! LOL! We’ll have just the essentials on the front, but once I upload it into VistaPrint’s template, I’ll squeeze in as much information on the back as I can, and then it’s off to the printer!

I also heard from a new fan this week who just finished Daughter of Liberty and Native Son and wanted to make sure WOTS is on track for the March release date. Indeed it is! We’re expecting delivery to the warehouse by the 20th. How exciting is that?!


  1. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  2. What great news! I am eagerly awaiting the release of this book and the other Sheaf House books - they've all been winners! Am excited to hear all the wonderous blessings that God has been showering on you and your company. Keep up the great work.

    Is there such a term as a Publisher Groupie? Ha!

  3. Kaye and MD, I just found out that the printer is shipping WOTS Friday so they'll be available soon! I'm going to run into Nashville to pick up a couple of cartons for myself, and I can't wait to finally have this puppy in my hands!!

    Hey, MD, I'm so honored that we have an SH groupie!! Wow--that is so cool! I promise we have some exciting reading in store for you!