Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back to Valley of the Shadow!

Chart of New York Harbor
It’s been way too long since I last posted on this blog. So much for good intentions! But now that the final edit of Northkill is off my desk and to the printer, I’m focusing again on book 5 of this series. Elizabeth and Carleton have been in limbo way too long, and they’re letting me know about it. If you’re not a fiction writer, I’m sure it’s hard to understand how fictional characters can take over your life and stir up trouble, but they do!

While I’ve been occupied finishing Northkill, I’ve also been accumulating lots of notes for exciting scenes in Valley, and my first task is to transcribe all of those into the working copy. The entire first part of the book will cover Elizabeth’s rescue, including a dangerous gamble by Dr. Pieter Vander Groot, and I mean to make it as breathtakingly thrilling and wrenching as possible.

There’s much more involved in this installment of the story, however. My plan is to cover the Continental Army’s trials at Valley Forge, critical trips back to Grey Cloud’s Town for both Andrews and Carleton, and the summer campaign of 1778, which includes the major battle at Monmouth Court House.

This volume will end with a bittersweet redirection of Elizabeth and Carleton’s immediate future that will inaugurate the battles on the high seas. Plenty more action, adventure, intrigue, and romance is in store for the cast of the American Patriot Series. Be sure to stay tuned for regular updates!