Friday, May 29, 2015

Progress Report

Book 5 has taken longer to get ready for print than any of the previous volumes, but at last we’re making real progress. The text has been finalized and combed through for errors, with the help of several very gracious readers. My illustrator, Jim Brown, is working on the final versions of the 2 maps for this volumeone of New York Harbor in 1777 (the one to the left is the original we’re working from), and one of the Philadelphia area from the same period that includes Valley Forge.

Marisa created the preliminary full cover so I can run a proof to see how the color is going to turn out. It should print very well because we have a very large high-res image of the painting featured on the front. I just ordered the proofs this morning and can’t wait to see how they look. Then I’ll do one last careful read through the book to catch any errors that were missed, and it’ll be ready for the printer. And also to be converted into the various ebook formats we offer, which may publish in August, ahead of the September 1 print-edition release date.

This past week I received the first endorsement for this volume from Louise Gouge, and also some wonderful feedback from one of my readers, Patricia Gaddis. You’ll find those below. My thanks to both ladies for their very kind words and encouragement!

“Reading J. M. Hochstetler’s The American Patriot Series is like watching a thrilling historical television mini-series. With each new season, something new enthralls the reader and keeps her coming back for more. In the long-awaited Book Five, Valley of the Shadow, Hochstetler maintains her gripping action, suspense, and star-crossed romance. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this latest installment in a very fine, meticulously researched American Revolution series.” —Louise M. Gouge, author of Then Came Love

“I adore the way you portray the emotions of your characters while keeping the historical aspect pure. I love the delicate balance of the romance, and how you managed to keep the tension going without it driving the reader (me) over the edge. This is really a powerful book and I can hardly wait to read the next installment.” —Patricia Riddle Gaddis

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ta Da! We have our winners!

Abby Breuklander wins a print copy of Wedded to War, which she requested. And Elaine Cooper wins the Kindle edition of any of Jocelyn’s novels in the Heroes Behind the Lines Series.

Congratulations, ladies! I’ll email both of you right away to get your information so the books can get to you.

For anyone who didn’t win, please remember that this series is on sale through Sunday in all the ebook formats. I hope you’ll take advantage of the sale to add these fantastic stories to your TBR pile!

And thank you, Jocelyn, for your informative post, and for offering this drawing! It’s an honor to have you on the blog.