Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Another New Review and Drawing!

I have another new interview up on the Novel Pastimes blog. Check it out and leave a comment on the post to be entered in the drawing for a free copy of Valley of the Shadow or any other book in the American Patriot Series. If you entered but didn’t win in any of the previous drawings, you have another opportunity!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Interview

Check out my latest interview on Lena Nelson Dooley’s blog and leave a comment by Saturday the 19th for a drawing for a free copy of Valley of the Shadow—or one of the previous books in the series! 

Congratulations to Amanda, the winner on Jocelyn Green’s blog! Her copy will be in the mail to her as soon as I find out which book she wants.

And be sure to drop by the Novel Pastimes blog next Tuesday and Wednesday for another interview and drawing!

I’ve also added a new board to my Pinterest account, World of the American Patriot Series, and as I have time I’m adding portraits showing how I envision the characters in the series. Take a look and see what you think. I’d love it if you’d follow me on Pinterest!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Interview--and Drawing!

Head on over to my fellow historical fiction author Jocelyn Green’s blog and check out my new interview celebrating the release of Valley of the Shadow! We’re doing a drawing for a free print or ebook copy of Valley of the Shadow—or one of the previous books if you need to catch up with the series. You have until Tuesday, September 15, to enter.

Jocelyn is the author of the gripping Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War Series. If you haven’t read any of her books yet, you have some terrific reading in store! I highly recommend this series, and Jocelyn also has a number of excellent non-fiction books to her credit.

Here’s her lovely endorsement for the American Patriot Series: “The American Patriot books are the most complete, complex, and textured retelling of the Revolutionary War I’ve found in historical fiction. Hochstetler is not only a masterful storyteller, but a genuine historian. These are timeless classics, destined to be read—and relished—more than once.”

The ebook editions of all the volumes of the series are on sale for only $1.99 through the month of September. So now’s the time to load up your ereader with the whole series or any of the books you haven’t read yet!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Release!

Today the print edition of Valley of the Shadow officially releases! I’m delighted to finally get this installment of the story out to the readers I left hanging on a pretty steep precipice at the end of Crucible of War. The story is complex, the pace is tight, and there are a number of twists and turns that I suspect will keep you guessing. For those who have been following the adventures of Elizabeth Howard and Jonathan Carleton, I believe you’re going to gain a few deep new insights into these two compelling characters—and also into Charles Andrews’s story. Many clouds rise on the horizon for the Shawnee as well, portending a troubling future for the native peoples and for the new nation.

I couldn’t have completed this book if it hadn’t been for the encouraging feedback I received from many of my fans and the truly helpful advice of several people who took time out of their busy schedules to read the first draft of this volume. My deepest thanks go to Linda Allen, who corrected my faulty French translations; Lori Benton, whose critiques are always on target; Rachel Leigh Smith, who offered an astute assessment of the original ending and prodded me to find the right one; Louise Gouge, Jocelyn Green, Susan Craft, and Patricia Riddle Gaddis, who gave me lovely endorsements; Regina Fugitani and Amber Goos, whose comments and corrections helped me to root out a number of errors; and Beverly Duell-Moore, who is the bane of typos and other mistakes. I have an equal obligation to too many others to list, but you all know who you are, and I thank each of you with all my heart.

Most of all, I thank the Lord who continues to renew these characters in my imagination, add new chapters to their story, and enable me to capture on paper a shadow of the vision he provides. May he use this series to bless many readers for his glory!