Tuesday, October 5, 2010


One major correction to the information I posted about my presentation at the Southern Festival of Books. Somehow I got the date wrong. I’m actually presenting this Friday, October 8, from 12 to 1, with a book signing following, NOT Saturday as I originally thought. It pays to double check the calendar and make sure you have your dates right! LOL! Go to the Festival Sessions page to see the full list of presenters and locations/times.

I’m hoping that the word about the change gets out in time and that there’s good attendance on Friday. My presentation is scheduled for right when the festival officially opens. I’m working busily on a PowerPoint presentation and a few other ideas that I hope will make it interactive and fun.

And if you’re on Facebook, click on the links to find my personal page, my American Patriot Series fan page, and the Southern Festival of Books fan page. And if you aren’t on it, why not? Create an account and come like my pages!

If you’re in the Nashville area over the weekend, I hope you’ll come join me to talk about Recreating the Revolution!

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