Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daughter of Liberty Video Trailer

At last! It's finished! Not that I really had time to play around, mind you, but all work and no play makes Joan a very dull girl. So I made time.

Unlike with the Wind of the Spirit trailer, this time I wasn't really happy with my attempts to create a script before constructing the video. So finally, in frustration, I tried adapting what I did have to the images I could find. That included the existing cover of DOL, which will be changed out as soon as we have the cover for the August release of the new edition.

Finding appropriate images for historical novels is a pain in the kiester, to say the least! But once I had the images, the script sorted itself out. The final result required a lot of tweaking, and I’m not completely satisfied with a couple of the images, but all in all I think it turned out not too badly. Here’s what I ended up with.

1. Eastertide 1775

2. British warships blockade Boston’s once-thriving port

3. while the Regulars occupy the city

4. As the conflict builds to a deadly confrontation

5. Elizabeth Howard plays a dangerous game

6. By day she flirts boldly with British officers

7. and by night, as the elusive courier Oriole

8. she smuggles intelligence and weapons to the patriots

9. Her most dangerous foe, British Major Jonathan Carleton

10. threatens to expose Oriole’s true identity

11. When the first blood is spilled at Lexington and Concord

12. and Elizabeth is drawn into the carnage of Bunker Hill

13. Carleton sacrifices his life to save hers

14. Can she rescue him from the hangman’s noose

15. and her heart from his keeping?

16. The nation’s epic war for independence begins . . .

17. Book cover

18. Credits

Finding the music was the real head-banging ordeal. I went back to my usual hangout for music, audiosparx, and filtered through beaucoup snippets of song without finding anything that really spoke to me. When I was just about ready to settle for one that I felt would really be better for Native Son, I decided to give it one more try.

This time I found a piece titled “Gathering Strength” that felt just right. And it lined up perfectly with the images with almost no tweaking. Wooo hoooo! Talk about serendipity. The only hang-up . . . $149. Yikes!!!!!! Even at the lowest level of rights it was the same, unlike the fabulous one I found for WOTS that started out at $172 and ended up something like $28. Oy veh!. Then I noticed that they allow you to bid on audio if you don’t want to pay the asking price. So I bid what I thought was reasonable for my use and the owner took it! I was in business. And here’s the result. Give me your feedback!


  1. I like!

    Make sure you upload it to FB too.

  2. Oh, good!!! Yes, I uploaded to FB right after I posted it on YouTube. :-) Next...Native Son! Well, when I have time, which may be a while. At least I have the music....