Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prairie Days

Obviously I didn’t have time to post pix of me in my reenactor duds before leaving. Couldn’t have anyway since Jay was out of town and I don’t have anyone else to man the camera. But here are some photos I took today at Shawnee Prairie . . . after the rain departed. For the most part, anyway. Hopefully tomorrow will be dryer, though I didn’t mind the cool temperatures at all. When one is clad in voluminous 18th century dress, it’s easy to overheat.

The photo above is of the opening ceremonies this morning in front of the park’s authentic log cabin. As I told my friend Laura and her mom, Chris, “I want one of those!” The next photo is of part of the encampment. This event isn’t really large yet, but they’re working hard to develop it, and they’re getting really good attendance.

The last photo is of me and Laura. It was delightful to finally meet her in person, and her parents too! But I gotta learn not to smile so my cheeks bunch up and make me look like a chipmunk! With the camera already making me look 20 lb. heavier, it isn’t exactly flattering, and having only minimal makeup on doesn't help either. I know, I know—vanity, thy name is woman! Guilty as charged. LOL!

I’m hoping to do more running around tomorrow and take more pix of other parts of the event to share. The rain put the damper on that today. And I want to get someone to take a good full-length shot of me so you can see how nicely my outfit turned out. I’m going to look kinda wrinkled, though, after getting pretty damp this morning!

It was a great day, all things considered. It started this morning at breakfast when several of the other ladies staying at this B&B asked about my books. They all ended up buying copies. My table out at the park is in a high-traffic location, so this afternoon after the rain moved off and I could safely put the books out for display, I sold a bunch there and enjoyed some lovely discussions with the folks who came by. Hopefully I’ll sell more tomorrow so I won’t have to lug many back home. I want to get most of these editions cleared out, and then focus on the revised edition with those beautiful covers!

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