Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catching Up

What a week this has been! I got back from my jaunt to Greenville Sunday evening and plunged right back into the daily grind on Monday. Today is the first day I’ve been able to come up for air—but only briefly before I get back to finishing up the last few tasks left over from the week. Oy veh!

What a great experience I had with Laura and her mom Chris . . . and her dad Chris! There’s nothing better than making wonderful new friends, and I’ve adopted them. lol! I’m already looking forward to next year and hoping I can keep that weekend free. The morning was rainy again, but the afternoon cleared up a bit and there was a lot of traffic to the festival. It’s exciting to see how people in the area support this event! Here are a couple more pix I snapped on Sunday afternoon—a group of reeneactors whose authentic period costume just begged to be snapped, and the matched team that hauled the shuttle wagon. Aren’t they beautiful guys?

This entire week has been cold, rainy, and windy. Which means it’s been good for staying inside and getting work done. It’s hard to stay organized when two people are living in a 344 square foot 5th wheel, though, so I’m having to improvise, like spreading papers across the furniture and floor while I’m working, then gathering them up again once I’m done. Boy, do I have a ton of filing to do. It’s not on the top of my priority list, though, so the piles keep getting taller!

We’ll be heading back to Tennessee later this month, and if it gets cold enough this winter, we’ll probably spend a couple of months or so in Florida. I have to admit I’m sad to be leaving northern Indiana, but hopefully we’ll be back when it warms up next spring. It looks like we’re going to be nomads for a while.

Work is progressing on the new covers for Daughter of Liberty and Native Son. My designer told me she’ll have roughs for me next weekend, and of course I’ll share them here. I am sooooo excited—can’t wait to see them!!

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