Friday, February 17, 2012

Full Cover and New Endorsements

We just finished the full cover for Daughter of Liberty, and it’s attached so you can see what the back and spine will look like. Isn’t it gorgeous? Our 17th Light Dragoon is now on the back to stand in for Jonathan Carleton, courtesy of Don Troiani. Marisa also adjusted the color for print, and I love the way it just seems to glow. So what do you think? Share your feedback!

A couple of days ago I got some wonderful new endorsements in from a couple of my reenactor buddies, Kris and Laura Supinger. This mother-daughter duo invited me to participate in Prairie Days last September at Shawnee Prairie near Greenville, Ohio. And what a time I had!

Below are their endorsements for the series, and I send many thanks and hugs to them for their kindness! I’m looking forward to joining you ladies again in full 18th century regalia this coming September for Prairie Days. Can’t wait!

“The story jumps to life from the first sentence to the last, leaving you begging for the next book to be published. You become involved with the characters and their personal struggles. The American Patriot Series gives an interesting perspective on the history of the time when our country was young, and not only from the usual aspects of the battlefield, but more of what it was like for those left behind waiting to know what was happening to their loved ones. For people who are re-enactors, the series is a great jumping off point to build their own characters. I’ve used the main character, Elizabeth, to help create my own re-enacting character.

“The characters make the time real to the point that you can almost feel yourself with each of the characters, either in Ohio with Carleton or with Elizabeth waiting for him to come back, while watching the war go on outside their windows. I couldn’t put my copies down when I got them and can’t wait for the next book in the series. This is definitely a must-have for anyone who loves history.”
—Laura Supinger, 18th century re-enactor

“These books are a great addition to any library. They give a unique perspective on what life would have been like for our Founding Fathers. The American Patriot Series is great for anyone starting out with only a little knowledge of history and wanting to get their feet wet. The story will keep readers’ imagination and make them want to learn more on their own while waiting for the next installment. The characters grab the reader’s imagination, bringing to life an era most people know very little about. The relationships between all the characters make readers feel as if they are within that circle as well, making them long for the next book, hoping their favorite character comes out on top.”
—Kris Supinger, 18th century reenactor

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