Friday, February 24, 2012

Register to Receive Free Chapters!

Concerned about the continental drift taking place in this country today? Worried about the upcoming election? Ready to revolt? Then return to the days of the Continental Congress, when our Founders arrested the downward slide and set America on a new course. Join the rebel spy Oriole’s elusive band and start your own Revolution! 

Just click on the link and register to receive free chapters of the new Heritage Edition of Daughter of Liberty weeks before the release date. You’ll receive an email with a PDF of Chapter 1, and then for every additional 25 registrations, we’ll release a new chapter, which you’ll receive automatically. Spread the word and share The American Patriot Series Facebook page to release chapters even faster! The person with the most referrals will win a free copy of Daughter of Liberty!

And be sure to watch for announcements about drawings for a free book and signing up to receive free chapters of Book 2, Native Son!

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