Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Song for the Story

I’ve never thought a song might link to one of my books in a spiritual way, but recently while I was reading my buddy Lori Benton’s forthcoming historical novel, Burning Sky, I rediscovered a song by Keith and Kristyn Getty titled “Jesus, Draw Me Nearer.” It touched my soul so deeply that I replayed it a number of times and prayed it for myself. And as I pondered the exquisite words and music, I began to think about the characters in Lori’s story and the trials they undergo. This song really seemed to fit the theme of Burning Sky particularly well, and I let Lori know that.

Then I began to wonder whether there was also a song that fit my series. I was immediately drawn to another of the Gettys’ songs, “By Faith,” which beautifully expresses the central theme behind The American Patriot Series—that of our sojourn on this earth as aliens and strangers, and our journey to find our true home in the City of God“that holy city built by God’s own hand, a place where peace and justice reign (Keith and Kristyn Getty).”

I’d like to share the YouTube video of By Faith with you and get your reaction. Please listen—this version doesn’t have any pictures, which makes it all the more effective, in my opinion. I guarantee you’ll be blessed. And please let me know how these words speak to your soul.


  1. That song had me at the first note of the pipes. Then the guitar kicked in and I realized I knew it. A few years ago a family member came to visit and he had the music to this song. As we all went to the coast for a few days, he played his guitar and we all sang this song over and over and over. It's beautiful, and I think it fits The American Patriot series perfectly.

  2. I know! Aren't those pipes fabulous? I just LOVE the Gettys' music, and Kristyn's voice is exquisite. When she sings, I get the chills. This is the song that immediately popped into my mind when I asked myself what song best fit the series.