Friday, February 8, 2013

Full Cover for Wind of the Spirit

I just got the full cover for Wind of the Spirit this week, and isn’t it gorgeous? Marisa always does such a lovely job! There’s something about the painting we used and the coordinating colors she chose for the background that really appeal to me. I’m a natural kinda girl, and this range of earthy colors is just my style.

I also love the Don Troiani painting of a Shawnee Indian warrior that appears on the back. He stands in for the Shawnee sequences in the story, while the main painting on the front by Thomas Sully illustrates the final scenes, with Washington’s army preparing for the famous crossing of the Delaware.

I uploaded the cover to the printer’s site yesterday, the final step since the text file was already good to go. And I’ve ordered the proof, and as soon as I make any needed corrections, it’ll be ready to print. The official pub date is April 1, but we’re ahead on the production schedule, so we’ll probably begin shipping in mid March.

The new edition of Wind of the Spirit is available for preorder on these sites.
Barnes & Noble

In March I’m going to hold several drawings for free copies. So watch this space and my facebook page for announcements.

I’d love to get some feedback on the cover, so please let me know what you think!


  1. These Heritage covers are so classy, and classic. Guess what my favorite part of this one is? Hint: it's not on the front cover.

  2. I suspect it's our Shawnee warrior. He's magnificent, isn't he? Troiani does such a terrific job with historical art. I'm blessed that I can afford to use his work.