Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Faith of Our Fathers

Increasingly in these days the idea that our nation was founded on Christian principles is attacked, discounted, and outright denied. The historical evidence overwhelmingly proves the opposite, however. So on this week in which we celebrate our independence as a nation, for our inspiration and encouragement, I thought I’d allow our Founders and other leaders of our great nation to speak for themselves.

The following are quotes from the historical record that appear on the Wallbuilders Web site. Many more complete historical documents can be found there supporting the claim that the United States was founded as a Christian nation based on biblical principles. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, I recommend it highly.

“For the Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our Lawgiver, the Lord is our King; he will save us” (Isaiah 33:22).
Acknowledged by James Madison as the inspiration for the 3 branches of our government, judicial, legislative, and executive

“I . . . recommend my Soul to that Almighty Being who gave it, and my body I commit to the dust, relying upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.”
From the will of Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution, Signer of the Declaration of Independence

“The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.”
John Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independence, judge; diplomat; one of two signers of the Bill of Rights; second president of the United States

“I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it: and my body I recommend to the earth . . . nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mercy and power of God.”
From the will of John Hancock, president of the Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence

“This is all the inheritance I can give to my dear family. The religion of Christ can give them one which will make them rich indeed.”
From the will of Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia, Firebrand of the Revolution

“First, I think it proper to express my unshaken opinion of the immortality of my soul or mind; and to dedicate and devote the same to the supreme head of the Universe—to that great and tremendous Jehovah,—Who created the universal frame of nature, worlds, and systems in number infinite . . . To this awfully sublime Being do I resign my spirit with unlimited confidence of His mercy and protection.”
From the will of Henry Knox, Revolutionary War General and Secretary of War under President George Washington

“My only hope of salvation is in the infinite, transcendent love of God manifested to the world by the death of His Son upon the cross. Nothing but His blood will wash away my sins. I rely exclusively upon it. Come, Lord Jesus! Come quickly!”
From The Autobiography of Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence

“I entreat you in the most earnest manner to believe in Jesus Christ, for there is no salvation in any other [Acts 4:12]. . . . [I]f you are not reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, if you are not clothed with the spotless robe of His righteousness, you must forever perish.”
From The Works of John Witherspoon, signer of the Declaration of Independence; “The Absolute Necessity of Salvation Through Christ,” January 2, 1758

George Washington’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1789

“A moral Ruler of the universe, the Governor and Controller of all human power, is the only unlimited sovereign acknowledged by the Declaration of Independence; and it claims for the United States of America, when assuming their equal station among the nations of the earth, only the power to do all that may be done of right.”
From an oration by John Quincy Adams, President of the United States and son of John Adams, on July 4, 1837


  1. thank you for this site. It is obvious to the believer and those familiar with the nature and word of God that the founding fathers based our country on the principles in the Bible. It is common today to do everything to undermine that in order to deviate foolishly from the path set by great men, but I thank you for the information. Any other interpreation of our founding fathers real beliefs is dubious.

  2. Aaron, you are so right! Our leaders today need to turn back to the biblical principles this nation was founded on. What a world of difference that would make in our future. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your comments!

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